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孩子的语言启蒙发声书 - 我会读弟子规

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This beautifully illustrated audio book presents the ancient teaching of the legendary Chinese philosopher Confucius that emphasizes the basic requisites for being a good person and guidelines for living in harmony with others in an all-new fun, interactive and engaging way.


Confucius emphasized that the basic moral values and virtues should be first taught to a child since young; those values are to respect elders, respect brothers and sisters, respect wife and husband, respect the society and lastly respect the country as a whole. He believed without those values all other learning would amount to nothing. These teachings have been the standard teaching for young Chinese for thousands of years.


Book comes with a remote controller with 23 audio buttons, an on/off switch and a volume button.


Simply press a button to listen to each verse and learn to read or sing along. Great for helping children fall in love with Chinese culture and the Chinese Language.



A highly interactive book with lots of mileage as your child grows. Perfect for gifting! (Add a gift box at checkout ~ don't forget your gift message!)


2022 的最新弟子规发声书,包含着随身携带类似手机的发声器。


有声书/(Audio) Interactive Book


This book uses 3 x AAA batteries.