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Lemons are not red but yellow. Apples are red. Laura Vaccaro Higgs, distinguished American writer of children's picture book, leads children into the world of colors with Lemons Are Not Red, a simple, creative and fascinating picture book. Reading this book, not only can children use their heads to think through the texts and tips printed in hollow-out typeface, but also they can learn patterns of negative and affirmative sentences. This is a wonderful picture book well combining text and drawings.

This creatively designed volume combines an introduction to colors with a bedtime story. Cutouts of various items, such as a lemon, a carrot, and a flamingo, show through to the next page, revealing colors these objects are not.

Simple, repetitive text provides the names of the items and colors: "Lemons are not red," "Carrots are not purple," and so on. When the page is turned, an object of the correct color is now revealed, for example, a bright-red apple. Backgrounds show textured brushstrokes of thick paint, which contrast nicely with the flat style of the cutouts. There's no cutout at the book's end, just an outlined slice of moon: "The moon is not black / The moon is silver / The night is black / Good night." 


Hardcover / 精装