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Slight cosmetic folds and minor depression on cover due to shipping hence the discount. WA @ 9725 6862 for actual pictures.

One of the best interactive books specially designed for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. 

Comes with 48 audio buttons for little hands to discover our amazing world and everyday scenes through beautiful Lift-The-Flaps pictures and realistic sounds.

Most commonly purchased together with the highly popular 自然和动物动物王国的声音 and 我会念童谣.

If your child is captivated by Audio books, it is worthwhile checking out the rest of our Audio books here


我们周围有各种各样的物品,比如电话、闹表、电脑、风铃、汽车、飞机,还有各种各样的行为,比如哭、笑、朗读、打招呼等等。这些东西和行为都会有一定的声音,你能根据声音分辨它们吗?一起来试试吧! 看到书里的小翻页了吗,把它翻起来,咦,卡通物品变成了真实的照片,原来真实的他们是这个样子。再根据卡通图在发声板上找到相应的按钮,按一下,就能听到这些事物发出的声响! 


Pages are sturdy but not water resistant. We recommend gentle cleaning panel of buttons using only baby wet wipes (let dry after cleaning), if necessary.

Hardcover (Audio plus Lift-The-Flap) / 精装 (带声)


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