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宝宝点读认知发声书 - 动物

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An interactive book for toddlers where they can learn about various animals by simply using their fingers to press on the various pictures and they will be treated with the name of the animals and the sound that animal makes! Press it a third time and hear a rhyme about the animal!

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Commonly purchased with 宝宝点读认知发声书 - 交通工具 and 自然和动物 and 我会念童谣 2.

Don't miss this lift-the-flap and pull-the-tab book that teaches manners and social graces, 礼仪常识互动游戏书!



Pages are water droplets resistant, we recommend cleaning using only baby wet wipes (let dry after cleaning), if necessary.

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Hardcover (Audio) / 精装(带声)

(Bilingual/ 双语)

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