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我有一双会说话的手。 瞧,如果有人问我几岁了,我就伸出小手告诉他。这只小手,可以和妈妈拉钩,和爸爸击掌庆祝,还可以给自己加油;别人的手呢?当然也会说话啦!瞧,我表现不好时,妈妈用手“批评”了我,老师用手“提醒”我;我表现很棒时,爸爸用手“夸赞”我!和小朋友在一起,手也可以说很多话呢!还有我最喜欢的小狗,它也会用手说话哦!
Our hands have many purposes and functions, one of the most important and understated ones, is using our hands to communicate! A delightfully simply book that would show your little one(s) how to "talk" with their their little hands! A book that epitomises the saying that "action speaks louder than words!" 
Hardcover / 精装

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