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鳄鱼怕怕 牙医怕怕

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An original book from Japan and translated into English and Chinese.

When Crocodile visits the dentist, both are fearful of the experience, in a humorous, colourfully illustrated story in which everyone ends up intact and regular dental care is encouraged.

Great book to teach your little one about dental hygiene and visits to the dentist!

Perfect bilingual book for parents who struggle to read in mandarin! 

《鳄鱼怕怕 牙医怕怕》讲的是一场鳄鱼和牙医之间的心理较量,用简单、反复的语句刻画了鳄鱼和牙医每时每刻戏剧性的心理变化。他们相互惧怕,可是那颗蛀牙把他们凑到了一起。凶恶的鳄鱼只得乖乖听牙医的摆弄,而红脸的牙医也只能壮着胆子上。这种反差不禁让人开怀大笑。鳄鱼都知道该刷牙,小朋友就更应该自觉了。这是一种快乐的略带讽刺意味的生活教育。作者五味太郎是日本图画书作家,他绘画选择近似真实的风格以便有更大的自由发挥的空间,至今已出版了三多本创意独特的图画书。

精装 / Hardcover

(Bilingual/ 双语)

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