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小小侦探家 🇸🇬 Sherlock at Home (Chinese)

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Browse the rest of our Oops Odelia series!

It is worthwhile checking our Zander's Adventures with Cicada and Ladybug (a series of books that introduces scientific facts to preschoolers!)

Exclusively from the people behind Odelia:

We did not start out with the intention of creating books. We started out creating class materials for GRAM’S as part of our language curriculum, often striving to incorporate character-building values within the content. To make it more lively and engaging, especially for young learners, we injected the character Odelia (and her illustration) when designing some of our class materials to make it more fun and relatable to the young readers.

Like many preschoolers, she often finds herself in ‘Oops’ situations, having to manage her emotions and thoughts, and trying to make ‘sound’ decisions while growing up.

Also like many children, she loves chocolate cake but is suspicious about coffee. Read more about her love for cake in My Birthday Cake! So her behaviour, questions, worries, fears, sources of happiness are similar to our children. In Oops Odelia's stories, you may find illustrated elements that represents our Garden City.

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