Snoopy Watchtower & 3D construction bundle set - Limited Edition

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$54.90 $60.00
Treehouse Slide & Swing Building Set
Featuring our last Peanuts-licensned Lego-compatible building blocks. Join the gang as they have fun at a treehouse with a slide and swing and a little pool too!

Build-Your-Own Snoopy and Woodstock
this is a stand-alone punch-out Snoopy figurine (with an adorable accompanying Woodstock). Classy yet fun, sturdy but easy to assemble, Snoopy comes in a slip envelope (a la Port-a-Plant), which will be designed in such a way to look like Snoopy's doghouse with the envelope flap is open--and will come with little feet that let the envelope stand upright and give Snoopy a backdrop!

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