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Trace and Learn ABC

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Stimulating and interactive, this 'Scholastic Early Learners' book is a must have!

A tactile introduction to the letters of the alphabet with indented finger grooves for tracing and lift-the-flaps for more interactivity from Scholastic Early Learners!

Trace, Lift, and Learn ABC is a fun interactive introduction to the alphabet. Each large-size capital letter features a finger-trace groove just the right size for tiny hands. There is a flap for each letter of the alphabet, and under each one the reader will find the corresponding lowercase letter.

Arrows and bouncy rhymes guide the reader in making the correct shape for both uppercase and lowercase letters for future handwriting success. Delightful illustrations and flaps add to the appeal of this fun first alphabet book. Visual, kinaesthetic, and auditory learning styles are all catered for to make this alphabet book just right for your little one.

Perfect for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders, too! 

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Plenty of rhyming words in this book; rhymes help children experience the rhythm of language, and also teach them how language work.

(Best for ages 18 months and up!) 

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