Trace And Lift ABC

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Have fun learning the alphabet with this highly interactive busy book!

Explore each page by looking at the pictures, lifting the flaps and tracing the grooves of each letter shape. 

Don't miss Trace and Lift 123!

Includes indented finger-traces to allow children to feel the shape of each capital letter.

Arrows to guide your child on the correct formation of the letter shape in UPPER CASE.

Fun flaps to lift, to reveal LOWER CASE letters, complete with arrows to show correct formation of the letter shape!

For families with preschoolers who are looking for an extension of this book, look no further! 

We are honoured to have our book featured in The Playroom! Click here to browse the brand new 'Alphabet Extravaganza 2.0' a perfect bundle for your little one learning ABC!

This interactive busy book plus pack of magnetic letters offer endless possibilities of sensory play, anytime and anywhere in the house.

This bundle (over at The Playroom) includes:

  • 1 x Trace and Lift ABC
  • Mideer Magnetic Letters

Board Book with flaps and grooves for little fingers to trace!