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自己的事情自己做 - Exclusive

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Final copy with minor cosmetic marks on front cover hence the discount. WA for actual pictures.


This Chinese interactive audio book teaches our little ones good daily habits and skill sets, such as doing your own bed, wearing your clothes, learning to swim and more.

Using a short story format (with hanyu pinyin support) that is narrated by a professional story teller and with each story coupled with classic Chinese nursery rhymes, this book is designed to captivate your child's senses and attention!

Hardcover / Audio Interactive Book 

1. 通过小故事学会自立,帮助孩子建立自信心。
2. 亲子共读,寓教于乐。
3. 故事+儿歌,边听故事边学儿歌。
4. 注音版故事,听故事的同时还能认汉字。
5. 手指点读,满足儿童再讲一遍、再讲一遍的期望,解放家长的同时又能满足儿童需求。
6. 故事贴近生活,代入感强;成长小法宝,通过故事讲道理,让孩子更容易接受。