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Owl Readers Club X Little Llama & Moluk! (Partner)

Owl Readers Club X Little Llama & Moluk! (Partner)

We are extremely delighted to launch this exclusive tie up with Little Llama! Little Llama is a Partner of Owl Readers Club and find out more details of this partnership here.

Owl Star members are now able to make their purchases at Little Llama and enjoy a 10% discount off any order - no minimum purchase required! 

Use the discount code found in your Owl Star Benefits & Discount List.

Little Llama will make occassional surprise appearances to the events we organised. If you attend our events and do see them, be prepared to be amazed at what their award winning Moluk toys can do - you are only limited by your imagination!

Special promotions for on the spot purchases of such toys may also be available at such events so do keep a look out for our events!

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