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Little Llama - our Partner


When our Owls met the Little Llama - we knew that it was a partnership waiting to happen!

Finally after months of planning, we are pleased to unveil this unique collaboration with Little Llama on Children's Day (7 October 2016), where Owl Readers Club supplies a majority of the books that Little Llama includes in their gift bundles, Owl Star members get benefits for purchasing from Little Llama and customers of Little Llama get special discounts on being an Owl Star member.

Little Llama is a Singapore-based online-only store and the exclusive distributor of award-winning Swiss toy designer MOLUK (be sure to check out the innovative “Bilibo”, named 2010 toy of the year!). 

Little Llama is all about encouraging child-directed, open-ended play, and to that end they’ve curated the best expert-recommended books and toys to support early learning and discovery. They even work with psychologists and speech and language therapists to generate tips for parents and educators to promote learning and interaction with children.

For friends looking for great gift ideas, Little Llama's gift bundle collections are a great way to share the joy of Open Ended Play!