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Owl Story

If you are reading this page, it probably means that you share the same beliefs as us, that cultivating the habit of reading starts from young and parents play an important role of allowing our children experience the joy of turning the pages of a book as we read to them.

Owl Readers Club is a club specially designed to encourage families to cultivate good reading habits. With these beliefs in mind, we have created an array of features to allow families to embark on an engaging and exciting reading journey. Apart from curating quality children’s titles at reasonable prices, organizing interesting reading-related events, providing opportunities to meet with fellow book-loving families and rewarding active club members, we are also constantly working to tie up with merchants to provide added benefits for our members. We are committed to creating a club where members will enjoy both tangible and intangible rewards of reading with their children.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of Owl Readers Club and for us to help kick start a fascinating reading journey ahead for you and your family.

How Owl Readers Club was founded

From the founding members @ Owl Readers Club


The team @ Owl Readers Club 


The directors of the company owning Owl Readers Club are a husband and wife team with two toddlers (an older boy and a younger girl). When the husband is out during the day for his primary job, the missus contents herself with taking care of the children and Owl Readers Club. They are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to improve Owl Readers Club and to enhance the benefits available for Owl Star members. 

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