Snoopy FC

"Happiness is a warm puppy!"

It is difficult to disagree with that and bringing you happiness is at the forefront of what we @ Owl Readers Club want to do.

Introducing the Snoopy Fan Club, where we feature Peanuts-licensed lego-compatible building block sets!

Have fun and create happy memories building these with your little ones!

Snoopy FC
13 results
Woodstock, Snoopy & the Blue Pram
Woodstock's Red Baron
Snoopy Red House
Woodstock’s Tree house
Snoopy's Ice Cream Truck
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Peanuts Gang Carousel
Snoopy’s Secret Basement Home
Woodstock's Red Baron & Scanimation Special
Special Bundle Set -Restocked!
Snoopy Special Set (Books & Toys)
Snoopy's Secret Basement Home & Scanimation Special
Snoopy Watchtower
Snoopy Watchtower  & 3D construction bundle set - Limited Edition
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