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Celebrating Singapore Creatives


It has been an aspiration from all of us @ Owl Readers Club to gather and showcase as many local creative talent that our little red dot has produced. Regardless of nationality, language, race or religion, so long as they reside in Singapore and call it home, they are to be celebrated for creating content for our next generation!

In no particular order of merit, but solely in the order when their books have been featured at Owl Readers Club, we are proud to present to you our local creative talents:

Koh Kuan Eng - A social worker with a passion in preserving our local Chinese dialects. Find out more about his passion and books here.

Matthew Cooper - An English author and storyteller who has resided in Asia for more than a decade and now calls Singapore home. Find out more about him and his books here.

Ames Chen - An former teacher of history and a mother of three! Find out more about her and her Invisible People story here.

Nasyitah Yassin & Saiful Basri - this husband and wife team has delighted us with their money-inspired books. Learn more about them here.

Shervin Seahan advertising copywriter who thought it would be cool to read stories he’d written himself to his kids. Find out more about him and his titles here.

Sophia Huang - a children’s author who appreciates the little joys of nature and loves upcycling trash into toys. Find out more about her here.

Vanessa Danker & Kimberley Bruce - this young dynamic duo has gone out of the box to tackle issues that are not normally found in children's books! Find out more about their debut release here.

If you are an established or inspiring/budding Singapore-based authors or illustrators, please feel free to reach out to us below with more details of yourself and your works! 

We love to hear from you!