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Elevate Dance Academie - our Partner!

Owl Readers Club is proud to unveil our first partner for 2021 and are delighted to welcome founder Lang Ley (a highly qualified and experienced dancer and choreographer) and her little one to "Owl" family! 

Established in 2017, Elevate Dance Academie is an award-winning dance school that inculcates highly versatile and disciplined young children, with an impartial and positive environment through the vibrant nurturing of dance.

Elevate has a 1400 square feet studio, one of the biggest in Singapore and is professionally equipped with audio system, piano, mirrors and barre. The studio is designed with sprung floor and imported Harlequin vinyl dance mat to keep safe and prevent injury. This is a studio unlike any others and it is best experienced first hand.

Elevate’s primary focus is to provide quality dance education and coaching in three main genres of dance, namely the Classical Ballet, Modern and Jazz.

The curriculum instils the comprehensive and interesting mix of dance styles with emphasis in Classical Ballet training as the foundation for all dance styles.

Each student will have the opportunities to participate in International dance examinations, Stage performances, Local excursions, Oversea immersion programme, Local and international dance competitions, Guest workshops and intensives programme, and Pre-professional and competitive training for students with exceptional potential.

Limited time promotion: 25% discount off the first trial fees for any member who brings along with one of the following books from our Ditty Bird Collection:

Ditty Bird - Classical Ballet Music

Ditty Bird - Classical Music

Ditty Bird - Instrumental Children's Songs

Remember that any of the books need to have our Owl Readers Club sticker at the back.

Check out more details about Elevate Dance Academie here

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