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Creative Hearts - our Partner!

Owl Readers Club is proud to unveil a new partner for 2020 and are delighted to welcome Natalie (an established musician and music educator) and her baby to "Owl" family! 

A quaint boutique school for the creative hearts situated in the idyllic estate of Pandan Valley.

This is a Performing Arts School like no other, with its focus on developing talent and creativity from an early age. A strong believer that the performing arts are integral in the development of an all-rounded individual, Natalie and her team provide a nurturing and safe environment for your young ones to grow and excel in their music and performing arts education.

The programmes @ Creative Hearts include music and movement, vocal and instrumental coaching, songwriting, dance and drama. Under the guidance of their dedicated and qualified instructors, students will hone their skills in the various performing arts forms, growing into well-rounded performing artists with the confidence to perform and showcase their talents.

Check out more details about Creative Hearts here

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