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Future Sparks - Our Partner!


Introducing Future Sparks Learning Academy - our newest Partner!

Future Sparks Learning Academy is a boutique learning academy focusing on English/Chinese and Maths with an ethical learning philosophy. Students of taught to be global citizens who are critical thinkers with a sense of self-aware awareness. Lessons take place in a positive environment for students to be themselves and speak up. 

Located in the heart of the Bishan/Thomson area, Future Sparks is a boon for residents of the area who are looking for an enrichment class with a difference.

As part of our new partnership, we have collaborated with Future Sparks to tailor-make an unique reading program entitled Reading Rockets that focuses on creativity, critical thinking, and comprehension skills. The program will read bestsellers from Owl Reader’s Club exploring themes such as Mental Strength, Character Development and Financial Literacy. Children get opportunities to learn through group play, crafts and role play - aiding right brain development and kinesthetic learners.

Check out the special benefits that we have procured for all members of Owl Readers Club here in relation to the inaugural launch of Reading Rockets!