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Owl Star members enjoy the following:

Double reward points for your purchases and/or activities (writing reviews, sending pictures and/or videos etc) with Owl Readers Club.

Instant bonus points credited to your account upon sign up! - EXCLUSIVE LIMITED TIME OFFER: Double your sign up bonus points:

1 year membership - 5% of your annual membership fees in points PLUS a bonus points worth $50 (instead of the usual $25)

In addition, new Owl Star Members will also receive a mystery surprise Peanuts-licensed Lego-compatible building block set with their first order from our Snoopy bundle set collection! Check out what we have launched here.

Free shipping and reservation of orders.

- For Owl Star Members only, no shipping fee imposed for your orders through our dedicated WhatsApp shopping channel (together with reservation of items)!

First to know of any new books on Owl Readers Club  

Special limited book giveaways with purchases - watch our for our messages on our social media!

NEW  - Flash sales for Owl Star Members only!

Exclusive page only for Owl Star Member showing all the applicable discounts and benefits! See Owl Star Members - Discounts & Benefits at Your Account Page

Exclusive benefits with our Strategic Partners:

In addition, a host of specially curated benefits (with more being added on from time to time):

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    Owl Star Membership FAQ

    What are the benefits to become an Owl Star member?

    Welcome bonus points. Double your points for a limited period only!

    Double reward points for purchase, book reviews and all activities with Owl Readers Club!

    Flash book giveaways specially for Owl Star Members! Look out for it on our social media channels.

    FREE SHIPPING for all orders (regardless of amount) through our dedicated WA shopping concierge channel (a channel that places your orders for you! Let us know what you would like to buy and just pay through the invoice sent to you!) 

    Discounts with our curated partners.

    Check out the full suite of our current benefits here!

    Why should I be an Owl Star member when I can go to the National Library?

    If you are looking for a place to easily find and search curated books for children, filtered by collections and themes?

    If you want brand new books delivered to you and avoid the need to travel to your nearest library to borrow and return the books (or pay a fine if you return the books late)?

    If you want to be rewarded for reading to your children, nephews/nieces, grandchildren or god-child?

    If you want to meet fellow like-minded parents and attend specially organized reading related events?

    If you want to exchange a children's book of yours that is no longer read?

    We could go on and on but you get the idea.

    No lock-in period

    This mean you are not obliged to continue the membership after the expiry of its current tenor if you do not want to. if you like being an Owl Star member and would like to continue, just purchase a new annual membership once your existing membership expires!