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Oaxis First Tech - Our Partner!

Introducing our newest partner for 2021. myFirst is a brand new collection belonging to the home grown brand of Oaxis that has a passionate and strong focus on kids' tech products.

myFirst was conceptualized to bridge the void in kid’s technology where kid’s toys are often limited to physical backdated toys.

myFirst aims to reinvent the way kids learn – while embracing the technological era. The products are designed to act as a gateway to your child’s learning process.

The vision of myFirst and Oaxis are aligned with that of Owl Readers Club. To provide materials to educate our little ones in a fun, safe and healthy environment.

With the launch of this partnership, we are pleased to announce special discounts/benefits for our members who are interested in getting myFirst smart watchphones for their little ones. Their current flagship models being the myFirst Fone R1 and myFirst Fone S2. Details and features of this well conceptualized products can be found by clicking the respective links. 

For a limited time period only, check out the special benefits that we have procured for all members of Owl Readers Club here!


Check your email order confirmation for your order that you make with us to find the special discount codes that you can apply at checkout should you be keen to purchase any of these smart watchphones! Each purchase also grants you additional point credits with Owl Readers Club! Once again remember to read to the end of your email order confirmation! 

If you are an Owl Star Member, these discounts are automatically made available to you without any purchase! Check out your special discount codes in your Owl Star Benefits & Discounts List