FAQs - Answering all the questions that we think you will ask!

    • How have we curated our books?
    Research, research and more research. We have spent many a sleepless nights over 6 months sourcing for the best books to be showcased and sold. This exercise never stops as we are constantly on a look out for books from other countries and new books from local authors. If you have a book to recommend that we should carry, please drop us an email at writetous@owlreaders.club or through here.
    • Do we have a book subscription service?
    No! We have spent lots of time and effort curating the books and want to showcase them to you. We appreciate the novelty of receiving a wrapped surprise package (our books are wrapped and can serve as a surprise too!)  but we feel that it is important for you to make an informed choice before purchasing the books. Choosing a book  should be akin to selecting food items of a menu! We appreciate that time is a luxury nowadays, hence the curation of the books we have done for you. The process of choosing a good book only serves to enhance the bonding process when you read to your child, grandchild, nephew/niece or godchild! Still can't decide what books to buy? Just purchase them in the alphabetical order which they appear for the relevant age group and come back again and again to purchase the rest! Remember the more books you purchase, the more you will be rewarded!
    • How do we price our books?
    The Team @ Owl Readers Club have worked very hard to ensure that our books for sale are competitively priced and hence we are able to offer price assurance in relation to the books that we carry and sell. The absence of a brick and mortar shop means that we can pass on the cost savings to you. We obtain our curated books internationally and locally and will work with anyone as long we can ensure that we can price our books competitively. We are aware of the usual international sites that most people purchase books from and we constantly strive to ensure that our pricing is as competitive as them. In unfortunate circumstances, where we are not able to provide the book that we have curated as a competitive price, such book can be purchased through these international sites through the link that we have inserted. Please note that there are times where the pricing of our books may vary due to currency exchange fluctuations and/or changes in shipping costs. As such, we do not display the price of books that are currently out of stock. Kindly note that we are not charging GST at the moment.
    •  What is price assurance?
    If any book purchased by you can be found in any brick and mortar shop in Singapore within 2 weeks of your purchase and which has a regular price that is 90% or more lower than us, take a picture (of the price tag and its ISBN) and drop us an email with the picture to writetous@owlreaders.club. If our books are indeed more expensive (note that some books come in different variants and hence the ISBN is important), we will not only review the pricing of our books but will also gladly refund you the difference in the form of points which can be redeemed for store credits! Kindly note that we reserve the right to reject images that will not enable us to conclusively determine the price variance between the books.
    • What is up with our reward points system?
    We believe in rewarding you in everything you do with us! Points are given for almost every activity and Owl Star members will get double points for certain activities whereas normal members are also awarded points. We have devised a point system that keeps on rewarding you and these points can then be redeemed for store credit for book purchases. In addition, your points will never expire if you are an Owl Star member!
    • Book reviews
    Please review the books that you have bought and read to your child, your nephew/nieces, your grandchild, or your godchild! Whilst every effort has been made to curate the best available books for our store, every review we receive is important. A published review will earn you points (limited to one unique review per member per book) but it will also enable others to make an informed choice in relation to whether or not to purchase the book. All reviews will be moderated before it is published to ensure any review is family friendly and suitable to be posted on our site (and yes! we will publish negative reviews!). Please ensure that your review contains at least 20 words (emoticons do not count!) in order for it to be a meaningful post for others to read. We reserve the right not to publish any review, especially those with less than 20 words or containing inappropriate language. 
    • How is payment made?
    We accept payment by major credit cards as we find this method more secure than bank transfers. All information transmitted to us is highly secured and we have a SSL Certificate and are Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant. These security endorsements can be found at the bottom right corner of our website. We only capture the payment on our system (and your credit card is charged) when the order has been fulfilled (i.e. your orders are en route to be delivered to you).  
    • Do we pack our books in fancy packaging?
    No! We believe that the books that we have curated is the most important thing and not the packaging that it comes in (which we assume that you would admire for minutes at most before ripping it to shreds!). We choose the most functional and economical packaging that still offers a degree of protection to the books, which also means that we do not pass on the cost of packaging to you. Do note there may be occasions where we may wrap up the package with wrapping paper in line with the on-going festivities at that point in time.
    • Do we deliver to every part of Singapore?
    We are able to deliver to more than  95% of Singapore other then certain restricted areas which most if not all courier companies do not deliver (we do not expect you to be requesting delivery to these areas (army camps, prisons, outlying islands etc) but if you do, we will write to you and request that you provide us with an alternative address in Singapore).
    • How long does delivery take?
      Our orders are fulfilled to your stated address. For deliveries within Singapore, we expect the books to be delivered under 7 Business Days (in most cases it will happen much faster!) which is definitely much faster as compared to books purchased through international sites. The delivery time for international orders will vary depending on where the recipient is located.
      • How much does delivery cost within Singapore?

      We are currently able to absorb the delivery cost for orders above S$60. For orders below S$60, the delivery cost varies depending on the amount purchased. You will be informed at the checkout the delivery cost to be incurred for your order. We regret that we are not able to inform you of the delivery cost upfront as we are constantly working with courier companies to bring down the cost of last mile delivery without compromising on reliability and speed. As such, the delivery cost may vary from time to time. Our dream is to work towards free delivery for all purchases so that you will benefit the most! 

        • Do we deliver outside of Singapore?
        We can deliver outside of Singapore if you require. Drop us an email at writetous@owlreaders.club and we will advise you accordingly on the shipping rates. We will be honest to admit that international delivery cost will be expensive (potentially more expensive than the cost of the books!). We are working to bring our club concept out of Singapore, so stay tuned for this and look out for Owl Readers Club at your country in due course!


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