Owl Star Membership (2 years!)

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2 Years of Annual Membership 

  1. 20 x free shipping discount codes (non-transferable but hey you can always buy for your friends/relatives, if they would allow you to do so!) - worth 20 x $5.50 = $110
  2. 4000 bonus sign up points worth $40 (no minimum spending and can be redeemed in any amount up to S$25 max per order). 

Total worth at least $150

Please note that points and free shipping codes can only be used together if you make your order through the FREE ASSISTED SHIPPING option below and payment is made via PayNOW!

Double reward points for purchase, book reviews and all activities with Owl Readers Club!

Be the first to know about latest titles being released at Owl Readers Club.

ASSISTED SHOPPING for all orders through our dedicated WA shopping concierge channel (a channel that places your orders for you! Let us know what you would like to buy and just pay through the invoice sent to you!). For orders below the free shipping amount and made through this channel, we will apply your FREE SHIPPING discount code for you!

Flash book giveaways specially for Owl Star Members! Look out for it on our social media channels.

Discounts with our curated partners.

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