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Owl Star Membership

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$8800 $9800

Finally Lifetime Membership @ introductory price!!

New & Improved Welcome Benefits with STACKABLE DISCOUNTS!

  1. 10 x free shipping discount codes - worth $5 each = $50
  2. 5 x $20 discount code (one use per minimum order of $50) = $100
  3. 5 x Free Gift Box code worth $5 each (just add the Gift Box and apply the code with a minimum order of at least 3 items) = $25

Total benefits worth at least $175!!

In addition, you get:

  • Double points for every purchase - effectively a 10% rebate in points
  • White glove concierge service shopping via WhatsApp 
  • Additional 5% Paynow Discount*
  • 12% Bulk Order Discount for orders above $300 net**
  • Dedicated Bundle discount page for Owl Star Members only (showing all our on-going bundles as well as exclusive bundles)  
  • A special Discount Code on your birthday which is stackable with your free shipping codes! (Normal Birthday discount codes are non-stackable).

    *We will provide you with the Paynow QR code for payment after sending you the invoice by email!

    **12% Bulk order discount for orders above $300 net stackable with other discounts:

    Illustration: An order worth $500 will enjoy the following in the following order:

    1. Deduction of any points 

    2. 12% bulk discount if order value exceeds $300 after deducting points

    3. Additional 5% discount on final order value if payment via Paynow

    Check out the full suite of our current benefits here!