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Owl Readers Club x Creative Hearts (Partner)

Owl Readers Club x Creative Hearts (Partner)


We are delighted to present a tie up with a boutique performing hearts school in the West of Singapore.  

Find out more about Creative Hearts here.

For our Owl Star members, check out your special benefits list when you log in to your account today!

For all our other members, enjoy a free trial class @ Creative Hearts:

1. When you spend more than $100 in a single purchase. OR

2. Purchase the following Ditty Bird books:

Ditty Bird - Classical Music

Ditty Bird - Instrumental Children's Songs

Remember that any of the above books need to have our Owl Readers Club sticker at the back to enjoy this special offer.

Forward the email with your order to "info@creativehearts.sg" and quote Owl Readers Club trial special to book your trial class today!

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