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Owl Readers Club x Oaxis myFirst Tech (Partner)

Owl Readers Club x Oaxis myFirst Tech (Partner)

All members of Owl Readers Club will get to enjoy a special discounts for purchasing any of the following smart watchphone for children:

myFirst Fone R1

myFirst Fone S2


For anyone else who makes a purchase with Owl Readers Club, Check your email order confirmation for your order that you make with us to find the special discount codes that you can apply at checkout should you be keen to purchase any of these smart watchphones! Each purchase also grants you additional point credits with Owl Readers Club! Once again remember to read to the end of your email order confirmation! 

If you are an Owl Star Member, these discounts are automatically made available to you without any purchase! Check out your special discount codes in your Owl Star Benefits & Discounts List

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