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There is always a first time for everything...


It was a hot and sunny Saturday afternoon.

I was getting sleepy in the car as Mummy drove. We entered a tiny car park and Mummy parked the car. Mummy unbuckled my seat belt, I climbed, we walked towards the lift and headed for the third floor.

After a short walk, I saw many cubby-holes just like in school!

“Mummy whose school are we going to?” I asked.

Mummy said “We are here to listen to stories!”

 We took off our shoes and walked in. “Oh look! There is a big train table!” and off I went to play.

As I played with the toys, little boys and girls with their mummies and daddies started appearing.

After a short while, everybody went into the big classroom. “It’s starting” I said excitedly.

The first story was about giraffes. I love giraffes! This giraffe was so funny he made everyone laugh. The second story was about clouds! Miss Storyteller asked us to do some cloud exercises! I walked around the room like a cloud and also pretended I was a storm cloud!

After the stories ended, the mummies and daddies moved some tables to the center of the room and we made some cloud craft (which I took home)! I saw Mummy talking to other Mummies and Daddies while I played with my new found friends.

Right before leaving, I received a small tub of yummy ice cream from Marble Slab Creamery!

Today was so fun! I love stories and ice cream!"


  • From a little boy who attended our first story telling session!
    25 June 2016 marked the day that Owl Readers Club organized its inaugural story telling session. We were thrilled to hold the same session for the book-loving parents who signed up at our Meet Up page. Many thanks to the directors at Two By Two Schoolhouse who provided the venue to make this event possible, as well as Miss Varshini, our wonderful storyteller of the day!

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