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How Owl Readers Club was founded

How Owl Readers Club was founded

We read to our son whenever and wherever we can; it is also a bedtime ritual for him. We have been amazed by his ability to remember stories and seemingly able to read his favourite story books before he turned two. We struggled to find appropriate books for him as he demands to be read at least 3 books before his bedtime. We tried our best to schedule regular trips to the library but there were various reasons which made it hard to do so. We occasionally visited the book stores found in the various shopping malls but would usually leave empty handed as the selection of books for his age group often seemed to be limited. We ended up attending the regular book fairs at the expos but found it challenging to find the right books in those environments.

Like most parents, we turned to the various well known websites selling books, which resulted in a new problem for us! There were now too many books to choose from, with some books having different editions and publications that we no longer knew what to buy! It was then that we wished there was a place where we could browse and purchase books curated especially for children. We then wondered how parents and children who love reading could befriend one another.

With these thoughts in our mind, we decided to embark on this adventure where we make use of technology to create a virtual club where members can easily purchase curated books and partake in various related activities.

The team at Owl Readers Club has devoted much time and effort to develop the technology, curating the books that are now being showcased and even working with merchants to secure benefits for our members. It will be work in progress as we continually strive to engage and excite our members. Join the Owl Readers Club today to experience the wonderful experiences and benefits of being a member. You might find a fellow book-loving friend or a new reading mate for your child!

From the founding members @ Owl Readers Club

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