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Why Write?

Why Write?

Far away in the Island of Inspiration, the southernmost state of Australia at Salamanca Market, an engaging and inspiring couple mans an unique stall which they had took over after parting with a tidy sum of money.  
Meet Jacinta and Greg, who relies on this stall to showcase a collection of books (illustrated by Jenny Miller) which Greg had written and self-published.
The collection is titled "Why Dogs" and we are fortunate to have had the opportunity to connect with both Jacinta and Greg (one of the most affable and unassuming gentleman that we have met and one would never guessed what he did in his illustrious career before becoming an author of children's books!).
Having had the opportunity to converse with Greg, perhaps his collection would have been more aptly named "Why Write?". This is what Greg had to say:
The Power of Imagination
Albert Einstein once observed that: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."
As a child born in the mid-1940s and living in an island community in the middle of storm-batted Bass Strait, which separates Tasmania from mainland Australia, I became an early devotee of imagination.
In a household where there was no electricity and therefore limited entertainment, unlike today, my mother used the power of imagination to tell me stories about everything from pirates and villains to kings and heroes. Through imagination, I could visualise them all – their adventures and victories to their capture and punishments.
It is this rich heritage of story-telling that has provided the inspiration and enthusiasm to write children’s books. And because dogs have always been part of my life, they seemed to be an obvious subject.
It is because of this childhood background that I take the opportunity, wherever possible, to visit schools to talk to children about the power and importance of imagination.  While I am a great supporter of the range of internet and digital entertainment now available and within easy reach, I don’t believe there is any substitute for reading to children and encouraging them to visualise an image.
To underline the value of reading to children, I simply pose this question: Is there any child who doesn’t enjoy listening to a great story?  There is certainly none that I know.  So, take the time and share the thrill of imagining.  The best App is a parent’s lap!

Truly inspiring indeed and having met Indi, their Bluetick Coonhound which they had rescued, we remained ever more convinced by what we are doing at Owl Readers Club. Curating the best children's books out there for you to read with or to your little ones.
We @ Owl Readers Club are incredibly excited to bring you the Why Dogs series, even before anyone else outside of Australia! Grab your copy of Why Dogs Chase Cats before they are gone! Limited stocks available!

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