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My Body Parts

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Around 7 to 8 months, your child is learning that faces are different. He can really focus with both of his eyes now and begins to look at the individual features of a face. He is also starting to understand that each feature has a name, which is an important step in developing language skills.

Features of the book:

  • Isolation of the body parts
  • Realistic images – babies love photos of other babies!
  • Diverse representation

How to use:

  • Play a game of Simon Says or add actions to each body part such as “blink your eyes”. Ask your child to point to different body parts (“touch your nose” and “show me your hair”) and give them a moment to find it on their own before showing them.
  • Try two-step directions. Children at this age are increasingly able to handle two-part instructions, and a mirror is a great place to practice this—especially when you follow along with them. Try to keep the instructions simple at first by focusing only on one change: “First touch your ear, THEN your head!"
  • Printed on recycled paper with Soy Ink 
  • Wipe clean with cloth to clean 

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