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Zander's Adventures with Cicada & Ladybug - Operation Dunk!

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Have you ever felt too young to help those in need? Discovering that his neighbour’s house is a breeding ground for dangerous mozzies, Zander comes to the rescue with his trusty insect pals, Cicada and Ladybug. Find out how the super team, equipped with the knowledge of life cycles, saves the whole neighbourhood from an impending Aedes attack.

Zander's Adventures with Cicada and Ladybug is an appreciation of the wonders of creation. 

Fire up your imagination with Cicada, Ladybug and Zander as they embark on missions to make a positive impact on the world around them. And see that you are never too different, too young or too small to make a difference! 

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Support our local books! Shop Zander's Adventures with Cicada & Ladybug today! (there are 3 books currently in this adventure series!)