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Twinkle Twinkle Giant Star

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As part of our continuing effort to #supportSGlocal creatives, we are pleased to introduce the first children's book by Shervin. You'd be blown away by the story and the beautiful illustrations. This is one of the best local children's books and we really do feel that it deserves a place in your home library and it will be a book that your child will read over and over again.
Sometimes the best person to introduce a book is no other than the person who wrote it himself:  

From Shervin himself:
I'm a huge Star Wars fan and though I'm not particularly good at Math and Science myself, the universe - its stars, galaxies black holes, planets and other phenomena that boggle the mind - has always fascinated me.
When my first kid was around 5 (he's now 11), he fell in love with Star Wars too. I wanted to show him that reality is just as fascinating as the fictional world. However, I was unable to find any age-appropriate book about planets and space for him at that time. Most were too complex and serious for a 5-year old.
That got me thinking about writing a children's book on the topic, one written in a language that's suitable for young children aged 3 to 7. I focused on stars because stars are something children are already familiar with, so it would be a good starting point (black holes might be a bit too complex).
Stars are not what they seem - some stars aren't even stars at all! - and I thought that would make a great story, which led to Twinkle Twinkle Giant Star, written in rhyme to make it just as enjoyable to read as it is to learn.
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