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一口气读完的成语故事漫画有声书 - Exclusive

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Last copy with minor cosmetic fold mark on the edge of the cover hence the discount.

Immerse your child in the interesting world of [成语] Chinese idioms.

Brand new title available at an introductory price for a limited time only!

Chinese idioms are a cornerstone of Chinese culture and language. There have been many media published created detailing the interesting story behind the origins of various popular Chinese idioms.

This audio comic book features 50 popular Chinese idiom stories (one per page) in one easy to read, entertaining audio book! Comical and humorous illustrations depicting the origin of each idiom combined with clear concise Chinese narration means that you and your child will have a wonderful time exploring the rich history behind some of the most popular Chinese idioms (many of which are part of one's primary school reading list!)

Learning of these Chinese idioms is also enhanced by a sentence formation component as well as a timed based mini-games challenge which helps your child recognize the words used in the formation of the Chinese idioms!

Rechargeable via accompanying USB-C cable! 

Limited copies available!

Don't miss our restock of 会说话的魔法故事书  and 美绘故事 (pop in to listen to the stories)!  

To use the book: 
Press the 开始 (kaishi) button on every page, then press the orange sound button to listen to the narration!

Audio Interactive 

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With engaging narratives, this storybook is guaranteed to captivate your child's interest, making him/her enjoy learning Chinese Idioms. 

Encourages critical thinking as the stories will require your child to infer meanings and connections within the stories, linking to the use of the Idiom. 

Hardcover (Audio) Book