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Introducing 念儿歌做早教, the must-have audio book for any preschooler to get excited about the Chinese language! Featuring 14 different interactive topics, your child will be able to touch, play, listen, read, speak and explore each entertaining page that also contains 'Easter Eggs', things to search for and questions to answer! 

This book helps to introduce new words through nursery rhymes typically taught in school, strengthen their language skills, introduce concepts, and enhance their observation, thinking and expression abilities.

Check out pages inside the book! You'll also see a picture of the table of contents! While you are there, listen to the videos of some of the Chinese rhymes!

Don't miss the last few copies of our 宝宝学说话发声书!

This amazing book includes topics like  动动脑筋 (exercise your little one's brain), 数字形状 (numbers and shapes) 绕口令 (tongue twisters) 生活习惯 (daily habits) 安全教育 (safety education),  情商培养 (stories centred on EQ), 环境保护 (environmental education), 传统节日 (e.g Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival etc). 

A highly interactive book with lots of mileage as your child grows. Perfect for gifting! (Add a gift box at checkout!)

Recommended for ages 3 and above. 

经典有声儿歌,汇集14个早教启蒙主题·。把世界带到孩子面前,让孩子在沉浸吟唱感受华语母语的魅力,拥有一个快乐,诗性的童年。 让孩子增强语言能力,拥有更多启蒙概念,培养孩子的观察力、思维力与表达能力。

P.S. Adult supervision is always recommended. 

Interactive Audio Book with USB charging (comes with USB cable)