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Dough n Me - Our partner


"A BAD partnership created By Children For Children!"

That is right! 

This is truly a "Books And Dough" partnership that was made possible because the children of the two main founders of Owl Readers Club and children of one of the co-founders of Dough N Me used to attend the same pre-school!

The world works in strange ways and but for the children, the on-going collaboaration would not have been possible.

Home-made chemical free dough guaranteed to give your little one(s) hours of safe fun whilst their senses are stimulated. Paired with themed books to stimulate their minds, these meticulously thought out BAD (book and dough) Kits have been a sleeper hit since they were launched in 2018. Check out the various kits that are being sold at Dough N Me here.

With this partnership, Owl Readers Club will be curating exclusive book titles (some of which will be launched even before they are made available at Owl Readers Club!) for the BAD kits.

Check out the benefits for Owl Star Members here.