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Nasyitah Yassin & Saiful Basri

This husband and wife combo are behind the sleeper hits Dollar, Dollar, One Dollar! (which have since been sold out) and Money Friends - Dollars & Cents (co-written by Far’ain Jaafar).

Nasyitah is an aspiring local author whilst Saiful is a hobbyist illustrator.

"As a preschool educator in the past decade, I noticed that the storybooks provided in local schools are based on pennies and dimes. While it is good to introduce to children about the world around us, the concept of money presented was not easily relatable.

As learning to count money is an important life skill, I wanted to create a book where my students could greatly benefit from.

We sincerely hope the books written will inspire young minds to learn about money through play!" - From Nasyitah

We are expecting many more savings-inspired new titles from them so stay tuned to us as we bring you their new works!