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Owl Readers Club X JSSL (Partner)


As the saying goes, all books and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

We @ Owl Readers Club are very well alive to that age old mantra and while we curb our instincts to be "tiger parents" and send our kids to every single available enrichment class out there, we unanimously agreed that exercise should be an important aspect of their childhood. The benefits of exercise is so obvious that we will not bother mentioning it here, lest we are preaching to the choir!

The question was always going to be what exercise classes should we send them to?

Soccer as a form of exercise and sport came to mind naturally because one of us is a long suffering Arsenal fan! Well apart from being a fan, soccer is a sport that encourages teamwork, instils discipline and not to mention works out every tiny muscle in a child's body, even the biggest muscle of all, the brain!  

As such when our eldest was going to turn 4, we immediately contacted Harvey from JSSL (which was then still in a tie up with Arsenal - the good news is that JSSL is now club agnostic so no worries if you support any other football club!) to ask if we could bring our son for a trial class. The rest as they said is history. Our son is now completing his second term with JSSL and will be soon embarking on his third. From his initial lessons when he appeared clueless with the football to being able to dribble with a certain degree of confidence in 4 months, we have had no regrets in choosing JSSL as his weekend enrichment class! By the way, our little girl is extremely eager to join her older brother for football lessons as she watches at the sidelines and tries to mimic what is being taught by the coaches! 

JSSL FC is Singapore’s Premier Youth Soccer Club & League Provider with over 1,000 students, offering young boys and girls from 3 years to 18years, the opportunity to explore soccer at all levels from beginners to elite, in a safe family run soccer environment.

The JSSL Soccer Club Program promises to provide every player with a positive experience as well as developing the person/individual behind the player!

To share this experience with all our members, Owl Readers Club is pleased to annouce this latest tie-up with JSSL with the certain special benefits to all our members - click here to find out more!