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Another charming creation by renowned Japanese artist Toshio Iwai, following his two best-selling titles - A House of 100 Stories and An Underground House of 100 Stories. A girl on board a ship accidentally drops her doll into the ocean. As she searches for her lost doll, she ends up in a magical journey exploring the depths of the ocean. An unconventional book that is designed to be read from bottom up! 

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一艘轮船航行在茫茫的大海上。一个小女孩抱着名叫天天的洋娃娃站在船头,正要给海鸥喂食。突然,海鸥的翅膀撞到了天天——扑通!她一下子掉到了海里。那么,天天最后能不能再回到小女孩的身边呢? 荣登日本、韩国,台湾童书畅销榜第一名,一本充满想象和惊喜的神秘绘本,带领孩子们探索向下延伸100层的海底世界。每一层都按照海底生物的习性设计,让孩子学习各种生物的特点和相关知识。适合3岁以上的儿童。

 精装 / Hardcover