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精装 / Harcover

有一天,多奇收到了一封神秘来信,信上写着“欢迎你来我家玩儿”。多奇按照信上的地图走啊走啊,终于找到了信上所画的房子!多奇使劲向上看,可是怎么也看不到房子的顶层。多奇能顺利地到达第100层吗……?高耸入云的一百层房子里究竟藏着什么秘密?快和多奇一起去攀登吧!荣登日本、韩国,台湾童书畅销榜第一名,一本充满想象和惊喜的神秘绘本,带领孩子们探索向天空延伸100层的世界。每一层都按照动物的习性设计,让孩子学习各种有关动物的知识。 。

The bestselling title A House of 100 Stories is a charming creation by Toshio Iwai, a renowned Japanese artist. Tochi, a boy who likes watching stars, receives an invitation from someone living at the top of a 100-storey house. His curiousty gets the better of him as he embarks on a magical journey underground. An unconventional book that is designed to be read from bottom up! 



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