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Aunty Goes Home - New Reprint Edition

2 Reviews

New reprint edition with more pages and more activities!

Have you had to say goodbye to a good friend or a close family member? Farewells are difficult, even more so for a young child. Follow this little girl on her journey, as she says goodbye to someone previous. Not goodbye, but see you again. 

Aunty Goes Home depicts how a family helps their domestic worker discover her passion for cooking during her time with them. They empower her to achieve her dreams when it’s time for her to return home

This title is part of the Invisible People series which pays tribute to some special people who hold very special jobs. Those who grow up with us, build our homes and even those whom we see every single day without fail. Yet, we may not treat them like they are a part of our lives. 

Let us get to know these Invisible People better and together make them visible by waving hello or even saying a simple 'thank you' to them today!

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Recommended for ages 3 and up.