Bilingual Interactive Audio Encyclopedia - 手指点读发声 互动有声认知小百科 - Pre-Order

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Pre-orders are now open for this - we anticipate that the restock will arrive before end May 2022 in view of the current covid-19 situation. Your order of this title will arrive with the rest of your other items. Please only order if you are comfortable waiting. Sincerest apologies!

Learning new words can be so simple and fun! 

A very large picture and sound book that increases your little one's vocabulary! Specially created for little learners, this book covers 24 topics, complete with picture and bilingual words that are read out with the press of a button. 

Please note buttons flushed flat on the page, parents/caregivers you may guide and teach your little ones the correct way to press all the buttons in this book. (Over three hundred buttons to have fun with and explore!) 

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Makes an excellent gift, plenty of new bilingual words that will increase your child's word bank! Add a gift box at checkout! 

Recommended for ages 3-8!

Here's a list of the topics covered in this children's encyclopedia: 

1- Animal Paradise
2- Farm Animals
3- Birds
4- Insects
5- Delicious Fruits
6- Fresh Vegetables
7- Vehicles
8- Construction Vehicles
9- Shapes & Colours
10- Numbers 
11- Daily Necessities
12- Musical Instruments
13- Toys & Sporting Goods
14- Delicious Food
15- Drinks & Desserts
16- Body & Expressions
17- Family
18- Occupations
19- Plants
20- Nature
21- Comparisons
22- Greetings
23- Kindergarten
24- Amusement Park

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 Hardcover Audio Book (with on/off button and charging cable)