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Books and Game Christmas Bundle - Limited Edition Merli colouring postcards - Gift Wrapped

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Bundle Set with FREE Gift Wrap

Find out more about Singapore from the comfort of your home!

Play the board game and read the TWO books and discover many places, sights and facts of Singapore that you may not know. This Gift-Wrapped bundle also comes with a NOT-FOR-SALE limted edition Merli colouring postcards! 

Let's Go Singapore (produced with the support of both the Singapore Tourism Board and the Land Transport Authority of Singapore) is now more than a year old and has received rave reviews for being a family-centric board game. It is also one of the first few products to feature Singapore's own Merli which debuted in 2022! 

This is a Singapore themed board game that would encourage your little ones aged 4 and above to play with their friends and family. This game not only features certain Singapore landmarks, it is also cleverly designed to help little ones learn simple arithmetic. For older children, this game develops their ability to plan and strategize!


Read the latest review by Little Day Out here!

Featured in Straits Times (see article here)! 

There is also a special bundle that comes with Lost in Singapore and Let's Discover Science, Singapore it is exclusively available at a very special price!

Board Game in a box measuring 29cm x 29cm x 6.5cm