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Ditty Bird - Potty Time Sounds

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Make potty training a fun-filled adventure with Ditty Bird's Potty Time Sounds Sound Book! With its cheerful sounds and catchy Toot song, this book turns the bathroom into a place of excitement and laughter, helping children feel confident and empowered as they master this important milestone.


  • 1 Toot Song that your little one will love to sing along
  • 11 body sounds:
    • Toot (s) 
    • Flush 
    • Burp
    • Hiccup
    • Sneeze
    • Yawn
    • Snore

    Perfect for little ones aged 0-3! Browse the rest of the series here!

    An excellent gift for birthdays! (Gift box offered at check out).

    Books come powered with batteries, each book requires 3 batteries, purchase extra batteries here