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English Chinese & Cantonese Learning Audio Book for Kids - Exclusive!

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Limited copies available

For the first time ever, introducing a trilingual language book featuring one of the most spoken Chinese dialects in Singapore and Hong Kong!

Find the button and learn how daily things are called and pronounced in one of three languages. More than 200 over audio sounds with reading, music and game mode with adjustable volume! This is an audio book that is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment and education for the young and old alike!

Featuring 12 different scenes/places from the zoo to ocean world, from the classroom to the playground, including body parts, clothes and accessories, musical instruments and many more! This is an audio book like no other!

Don't miss our newly restocked Chinese Audio books and English Audio Books perfect for engaging your little one anytime!

We've also made it easier for you to browse and pick up some Hanyu Pinyin Books!

Audio interactive (3 x AAA batteries included)