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English Chinese & Cantonese Trilingual Audio Nursery Rhyme Book - Exclusive!

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Our first trilingual nursery rhymes volume-controllable sound book featuring one of the most spoken Chinese dialects in Singapore and Hong Kong!

Featuring 16 songs in various languages:

Mary Had a Little Lamb - English / Chinese / Cantonese 

Clap Your Hands - English / Chinese / Cantonese 

London Bridge - English / Cantonese

Old MacDonald Had a Farm- English / Cantonese

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - English / Cantonese

Happy Birthday To You - English / Cantonese

Big Apple - Cantonese

Big Watermelon - Cantonese

Your little one will enjoy listening to some of these classic nursery rhymes in their different renditions and also learn a new language or dialect along the way. A multi-generational title that is guaranteed to have the young and old singling along!


Audio interactive (3 x AAA batteries included)