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西游记漫画有声书 - Exclusive

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The Journey to the West is an iconic Chinese Classic story and is one of the 4 Greatest Chinese Novels ever produced. 

This audio book features many of the key stories in this popular classic in the form of comic strips and narrated in Mandarin with sound effects to boot! Enjoy reading this with your little one by following the Monkey King in its many adventures! 

Rechargeable via accompanying USB cable! 

Limited copies available, great for father and child bonding during bedtime reading!

Do not miss our restock of 会说话的魔法故事书  and 美绘故事 (pop in to listen to the stories)!  

To use the book: 
Press the kaishi button on every page, then press the orange sound button to listen to the narration!


本书根据中国四大名著 西游记) 改编而成 , 在尊重原版的基础上 ,用低幼萌趣的漫画和幽默通俗的语言重现师徒四人的西天取经之路 ,并抹去了暴力血腥等不适合儿童的画面,

For ages 4 to 10 years old

Audio Interactive