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父与子漫画有声书 - Exclusive

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Father and Son is an iconic German comic. The comics depicts a plump, balding father and his son grappling with various everyday situations.

This audio book features 43 of the most memorable comic strips narrated in Mandarin with sound effects to boot! Enjoy reading this with your little one and enjoy the non-stop laughter that will surely come along with it! We hope that this book brings you joy by learning to laugh at oneself and appreciating the little joys in life!

Rechargeable via accompanying USB cable! 

Limited copies available, great for father and child bonding during bedtime reading!

Don't miss our restock of 会说话的魔法故事书  and 美绘故事 (pop in to listen to the stories)!  

To use the book: 
Press the kaishi button on every page, then press the orange sound button to listen to the narration!

因为他们据有这样美好的品质,所以遭遇困难不绝望,获得意外财富不忘本, 一直过着许多人向往的快乐生活:平常而快乐,温馨又奇妙。

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