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奇妙洞洞书: 我家在哪里?

2 Reviews

Read together with your little ones and follow the adventures of the little tortoise as it explores the homes of its animal friends.

Translated from a popular Italian series, these colourful and creative board books are designed to captivate your child’s attention as well as develop their sense of touch and feel.

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 Interactive die-cut holes and Hanyu Pinyin included.

Recommended for ages 18 months to 5. 

小乌龟在外边闲逛,他在路上发现了好多洞,这些洞都是干什么用的呢?小乌龟经过询问才发现这些看似相同的洞洞其实差别可大了,有的是狐狸住的山洞,有的是小狗住的木屋,还有小熊住石头洞,寄居蟹的贝壳屋…… 书中根据小动物们住的房子来架构故事,在快乐的游戏中融入了对动物的认知,尤其是创意奇妙的洞洞,不但能让宝宝将手指锻炼得灵活有力,还能激发他们浓浓的学习兴趣。
纸板书 / Board Book