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The magical Chinese story telling book that you have been waiting for is here!

10 stories, each with its own character development themes. Wave the magic wand at the right places in each page and listen as the story is narrated by a professional story teller with sound effects and sound bites! This book comes with a USB charger.

How to use the book: 
Flip the on/off button, choose a story, and wave/gently swipe the magic wand at the right places (the blue buttons) on each page and listen! 

A interactive book that encourages your child to love stories and the Chinese language, while working on listening and memory skills. 
Each story teaches a value/virtue. Making each story meaningful to read/listen. These values range from gratitude, responsibility, bravery, optimism, honesty etc. 10 different values in total.
An excellent gift, one that will captivate, engage, inculcate good values in your child. Add a gift box at checkout! 

Book measures 30cm by 22cm and is 40 pages long.