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Brand New Cover in A4 portrait format @ an introductory price!

This book offers your child #screenfree fun plus you'll get to immerse your child in the Chinese Language. Exclusively brought in by us, specially for your little ones!

Containing 198 simple Chinese characters that your child will be exposed to during his or her pre-school and early primary years.

The strokes of each Chinese character is depicted helping your child to learn how to write and remember. Listen to how each character is pronounced and learn how these words can be used.

Mini games are included to help your child remember the words learnt.

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Bilingual Interactive Audio Encyclopedia - Expand your child's bilingual vocabulary at the touch of a button!)

会说话的魔法故事书 -(bedtime stories that teach a value/moral, read aloud to you, at the swipe of a wand!)

An innovative, interesting and interactive book to listen and speak more Chinese at home!

A highly interactive book with lots of mileage as your child grows. Perfect for gifting! (Add a gift box at checkout!)






P.S. Adult supervision is always recommended. 

For ages 3 years and up. 

Interactive Audio Book with USB charging (comes with USB cable)