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I know they still love me

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This is a book like no other children's book out there, dealing with a topic that perhaps no one really wants to talk about if it unfortunately arises.

The story begins with young Mason expressing his love for his family. They spend a lot of time together over meals and during outings. However things started to change as his parents seem to be arguing a lot. Did he do anything wrong? Do they still love him? Have things changed forever?

Young Mason expresses himself throughout the story as he notices the changes happening in his family. At times, he worries and feels sad but talking about how he feels allows him to work through the situations.

This book explores the feelings Mason experiences while trying to make sense of the changes. It touches on confusion, guilt, anger, sadness and ultimately, hope through the eyes of a young boy.

This book helps the little ones navigate through tough times with parental support and guidance.

A great resource for anyone who deals with young children. Learning how to self-regulate through expressing and identifying emotions are vital in a child’s development. These are the values that the story covers.